19 October 2010

Minnesota Magpie

I did something out of character for me and said 'yes" to a last minute trip in September to Minnesota and attended the Creative Connection Event. I went and had such a good, good time. I just kinda let go, let go of worries and frets.

One thing I did was just got on a bus to Shakopee, Minnesota to Junk Bonanza. I lost my mind there. I had two hours. Devon was my bank and sent me with twice as much cash as I had asked for. I have to drive next year so I can get thoroughly in to this shopping event.

I bought this suitcase right away. Then I had to navigate the Saturday crowds with
this big base drum.

Let me just say, I have always thought the people in Oklahoma are nice. However, just try going through a WalMart. People just stand in the middle of their aisle, on the phone, with small sticky children. It's a mess. Not so at Junk Bonanza in Minnesota! So very nice. I would whisper "Excuse me, I am coming behind you with this big suitcase." Every time the Minnesotan would say "Oh sure, let's just baaaack up here." The best, the best crowds ever!

I bought this scale at Junk Bonanza. Now if I could only find balance...

A young German girl's lesson book..

Bits and baubles. Arg, I hate when people say that!

And if all that was not enough, I picked these up in Oklahoma City in September...

Dear Devon made these for a very special September birthday.

Some final shots of Minnesota. I saw so very little of it, but it was clean and smelled good.
A big 'ol city like that!

There is something fabulous about coming in to your room and finding this at the sink...

I think I will return next September to Minnesooooootah...


  1. Oh, for sure. Yah, you betcha! Next year, maybe at Hotel Reaney. We need to show you so much more of the Twin Cities. So sorry I was absent from Minnesota this year.

    Hugs at ya!

    P.S. Did you know there is a saying, "Minnesota Nice"?

  2. I think I want to go next year too! My friend Karen Valentine is going to go again & I think after seeing her post & yours... I want to go. Let's talk about going together do you want to? I can't remember (a mind is a terrible thing to loose) if you are going to Gilded Life this weekend? Hope so. Charlene

  3. Our next endeavor will be named Bit & Bauble, of course, after our band name that we have is played out.

    I love those gifts for the boys that Devon made, how thoughtful of her.

    Minnesota--eh? I want to go! I know a couple of gals there...

  4. Oh this must have been the best time!!! I'm a little pouty here, seeing all of your great finds Robin. I'm so glad you just let go and went for it!!!

  5. Good for you for having spontanaety (Good grief...I can't even spell it let alone exhibit the behavior!) I love that Italian restaurant photo---the angle you used makes for a fabulous shot.

    And, I love knowing that the phrase, "bits and baubles" drives you a bit nutty!! I'm going to greet you in a few weeks with that phrase just to mess with you...Seriously, looking forward to see you and Jemellia...

  6. Sounds like Minnesota was a nice well deserved break.

  7. Love your photos and finds. Looks like it was a fun trip.

  8. Now that is some amazing junk!~! What awesome finds :)

  9. I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love coming to your blog. I love it a lot. I always share your excitement over the neat finds you come across, and this:

    "I bought this scale at Junk Bonanza. Now if I could only find balance..."

    cracked me up! I love your style. ;-)

  10. Just was over at Suz's blog for a Sunday visit and what is it I hear about you two in cahoots? Can't wait to see what you ladies have been up to...

    Still loving the fact that you went to Creative Connection on the spur of the moment!

  11. What a pretty blog and look at those treasures!!

  12. uh i need that scale...tee hee enjoyed living vicariously through your vintage shoppin' spree!

  13. Suz sent me over. Glad you had a wonderful time in MN. And what fun things you found at the Junk Bonanza. Wasn't it awesome? I think my neck still hurts from my spinning head. I didn't want to miss anything. (And good thing I missed that scale...)

    Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

  14. Oh, it looks wonderful! You'll have to tell me where you like to shop in Oklahoma City (I like the same stuff you do) as I visit my best buddy there often (boo hoo, she moved away!)


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