01 October 2010

I Said Yes...

When Devon called to say she and her workshop partner were considering The Creative Connection Event and would I like to go, I said "no." I cannot possibly leave in a week and a half for that. I am too responsible. I have too many people in the boat I keep afloat.

And then a YES happened...

So off I went to Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. Devon had made all the plans, I only needed to pay and pack. I had the best time I may have ever had. I just took classes and shopped and visited and ate. No one to please. No one to wait for or on. Just me and my fun.

I busted out some gifts first...

I have figured out how much time I need alone. What I didn't fully realize how much I needed really must shake off the big girl attitude and just have fun.

For days on end.

I liked it.

I took a Folk Art painting class from Laurie Meseroll.

We started out with this naked plywood and materials.

After many, many layers, most of which looked like hell, until ultimately, like all good life stories, I was able to create this girl with her robin in only 3 hours.

There was Betz White's Felted Wool ornament class.

She is adorable and so is felted wool.

A kit, an instructor and time is such a luxury.

Ruth Rae taught the Family Keepsake Album class.

My tool rolls...

Supplies for my album...

Ruth's act of binding...

My album is a work in progress. It features all the ladies that built me.
For now, Ruth and me...

I was not as interested in the Panels regarding marketing, Etsy and blogging so I opted for additional classes with Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray, of course. I took a Display Your Creativity Necklace and Keepsake Class.

Also this Art and Coronation class. I had not been much on glitter prior to this. But this glass glitter has such a weight and brilliance. The process of pouring it over the pieces with a spoon was very pleasant.

So very pretty...

I shopped and shopped. There are so many pictures of shopping. Stay tuned for that.

For now, looks like I might follow these ladies anywhere...


  1. Robin,

    I don't know whether to be thrilled for you or green with envy! You took classes from the very best and you came to my city, and I was far, far away.

    Are they going to do this again? If they do, I am moving out of my house and coming! It looks wonderful. I would do just what you did...skip the marketing classes, etc. and take another class.

    Your art is fantastic and you took such varying things. Wow. You are learning a lot. I love the Betz White ornament (because it looks doable and I am taking her class at Silver Bella).

    Did you get to Junk Bonanza? Can you believe, I have never gone. I never even knew it excited until last year.

    Hugs, you lucky lady!

    P.S. Oh, you forgot to put in the plug for Minneapolis...how is really is a cool city and not the end of the earth!

  2. So Happy that you went on a last minute whim and had a creative...relaxing time!!!
    The classes looked amazing and fun!!!
    Yay for you!!

  3. You wild woman you !! Looks like such a great event and a great time. Can't wait to see more pictures.


  4. Oh, please tell me that you bought that skirt right off of Betz's hips. I need you to a). wear it with those gingham shoes or b). give me the skirt, I would rock the shit out of it, as she already has.

    I did not see the necklace in person, boo.

  5. Ahhh! This looks SO fun! I must do one of these some day. I am such a huge fan of Laurie Meseroll. Her art is so amazing. Love all the other creations too! Some day I will hide in your suitcase for one of these, so dont freak when you find me ;)

  6. Looks like a fun time and you so deserved it!

  7. Oh my, Robin, it looks as though you had a terrific time. Love all of your projects especially your collage, and display box. Hopefully you found some awesome treasures when you went shopping.

  8. I'm so glad you decided to go and had a great time!
    And I'm kicking myself for not going.

    But I WILL go next year.

  9. My Tweet...you looked as beautiful as the art you created! Loving that folk art girl with her robin!

    Some day...some day.


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