23 January 2011

2010 In Review

Twenty-Ten was a significant year of struggle and growth for me. In the midst of all the pain and miracles I made a lot of things. I furiously worked it out with my hands. Here, I have selected an item made each month that represents new techniques for my arsenal of art.

In January I completed the Hodge Podge Journal from my Silver Bella 2009 class with Rebecca Sower. It began my love affair with journals.

I made this journal for Holly Abston in February.

This is a collage made in March for Shelley Overholt who had a heart attack in her early 30s. I was moved to make this.

I knitted all year but this was new in April.

These journals were thank you gifts in May to our bankers who brought in dinner for us when we were so beat up from life. They happen to be all ladies and so smart and loving and lovely.

Heather Ales taught me to solder and this is my favorite piece from the year, made in June.

I made so many of these necklaces as gifts throughout the year, this is one from July.

Valances in August from vintage western barkcloth.

In September I made this case for my journal. I made a lot of these cases for gifts last year. Yet another love affair, an amalgam of many techniques.

This upcycled necklace in October was a first at this kind of jewelry collage.

I haven't shown you this I made in November to wear during vendor night at Silver Bella.

I had not made a quilt in years until this one for my husband's grandson. It felt so good just to cut fabric and sew and sew. I appreciate you guys showing so much love to me for this project.

I failed to include any of the things I made for Jemellia in 2010. She received almost one of each of the things above.

Now on to 2011. I start with out with a wonderful win from Jackie's blog Good Grief Girdie. She made this lovely calendar which I will look at and enjoy each day in 2011. Thank you,, Jackie, I admire you so very much.

Thank you for being with me here in 2010. It was a tough year. I made it through because of you, people who have loved me and held me up.

Thank you.


  1. Just beautiful Robin! Here is to a much better, happier, healthier 2011. I love seeing your beautiful creations and hope you'll share even more with us in the new year. I was lucky enough to see the journal you made for Jemellia for Silver Bella but I would have loved to have more time to thoroughly absorb it's beauty and study each and every page.

  2. I happened to have wore my rosette necklace to church today and got mobbed again!!! I got loads of attention, and you know how I hate that! ;) You have made many great treasures this year and I know of more you made and didn't show!! You are an amazing artist, and all of your work ALWAYS looks so perfect. You also made a lot of friends this year that all love you very much!!!

  3. Robin you are a rare bird! I know this New Year has great things in store for you and your loved ones............Happy New Year to you!

    Your Welcome!

  4. Dear Robin,
    Just checking in with the rest of your fan club. You are a friend, you are wonderful support and you are a heroine of mine. I plan to follow your example and spend the year doing art. Guess what...I have cut out all of my pictures and listened to the videos! Good advice, red-breasted bird ;-)

  5. Dear heart, I had a trying year too, what with Memory's death, and all I have to show for it is a piece of performance art entitled "Fetal Position"! To go through the year you had and still have so much beauty in your soul that needs expression...oh my! You are a real inspiration.

  6. You are such a well rounded artist, you dabble in all mediums and they all turn out amazingly beautiful. I am so loving the "Heart Beat" collage and of course your "Bird Hat." You should seriously consider making and selling them. Not that you don't have enough to do already, right? Have a wonderfully restful Sunday evening!

  7. Oh, I forgot about Shelley's Heart. That was amazing. Wel,l hell, this post is amazing. Beautiful Bird, just beautiful.

    Yet, I lay with cold pumpkins and biscuits because I have no quilt...

  8. What a great post, Robin! You really can see many of the things you have learned and accomplished this year, when you do a compilation like this....very inspiring. Your projects are really beautiful...


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