13 January 2011

Have You Seen My Whipples?

Well, let me tell you all about them! Artist Lynn Whipple came to Silver Bella 5 and, other than Kaari Meng and the attendees themselves, I signed up because of Ms. Whipple.

She is the most delightful, energetic, positive person. But not annoying. Seriously how does she do that? It's because she is sincere in her joy to share. She was so very generous with her techniques and her praise. Lynn's work above and below.

Recently Heather Ales announced she would take on the challenge of not buying any new supplies for the year of 2011. I really love the idea of this challenge. She does allow buying products she will use within two weeks for a specific project. I have been thinking about this quite a lot. I find I am able to say 'no' to new things by never entering the shop in the first place. I have definitely walked around Michaels with my coupon just looking for something to buy. I mean, I have a Crop-a-dile for god's sake. I don't even really know what to do with it, but I have one.  While I am not going to stop buying supplies, it has made me think about organizing and using what I have to accomplish these unfinished projects.

Lynn at work. Why is so so awesome?
One thing I need to do is stop enrolling in classes while I have so many incomplete projects. I made a list, a long list, of projects that still need to be done. I believe there were about 15 things on it! Last year, I bought three online courses I never did use.  Because classes have offered so much growth and inspiration to me, it is hard to say no.

I did sign on for the Brave Girls Soul Restoration Workshop. Its a 6 week commitment and I intend to take it seriously. It started this week. I am a little scared about it.  The Soul Restoration Workshop says you will print out over 100 pages. And just in time! My printer stops working. Since I also start teaching again, I sucked it up and replaced my dinosaur of a computer. That was a task. I still have to learn how to use everything. However, it feels so peaceful to start the year out feeling good, replacing broken things and getting organized.

So...all this about Heather and the Brave Girls project really is about my Whipples. I decided to just start working through that Incomplete Projects List. Whipple projects were first. I am very delighted with these ladies, 'found aunties' from old photos.

Mama always said pretty is as pretty does...

Just bloom...I cannot take my eyes off this gal.

Fly Girl...Soar...

Once I finished the projects I made a page in my Junque Journal being assembled from the Silver Bella swap of the same name.

This journal is to be a collection of things from Silver Bella and the Gilded Nest as well as other events from the year.

Below is my first art journal, from a Donna Layton class in my last post. In class we mostly talked about the making of a journal. She brought books full of inspiration as well as her own remarkable journal. I did these final pages in the Whipple style. 'Kindergarten,'  my school photos from K through 5th. I will have to show you the rest of the journal sooooon. 

When you can say yes to a class, how do you say no? I got so much inspiration from meeting Lynne Whipple. I could actually hear her encouraging voice in my head while working on these projects.

Oh sure, find a balance between learning, and creating. Sigh. I want to do it all. All the stuff, all the classes and all the time. My mother used to say 'keep chunkin' hard.' Just keep at it. I will keep working on balance. Saying yes. Saying no. The trick is to find the stillness to enjoy it.


  1. You've done great... everything look fabulous!
    I could take a cue from both you and Heather this year.

  2. Robin...that is definitely something I am working on too....learning balance and when to say yes and when to say no.

    I LOVE all of your new creations...especially Soar....that one is my favorite!


  3. How could you *not* love Lynn Whipple? She really is a wonderful person and you are so right about her energy - encouraging and definitely genuine.
    I'm with you Robin - can't stop signing up for classes, and needing to work on finishing my projects!
    I love your finished Whipples! I'm inspired to go finish mine now (right after I finish my tags for a Valentine swap - and oh yeah! Jackie's class tonight). Better get on it.

  4. LOVE ALL OF THE WHIPPLES.........Bravo to you!
    She is one of a kind and I would take another class from her in a New York minute! Great picture of the two of you. She just has that magnet personality.

  5. I love the Whipples and Lynne looks so genuine. I think you have done a lot, Robin. Your Whipple-like pages are fabulous but as another owner of a Cropadile who doesn't know what to do with it, I know what you are saying.

    Final note...guess who signed up for "Brave Girl" the day after registration closed?

    Your Sister in Overindulgence and Hopeful Bravery

  6. Darling girl, I am exceedingly fond of your whipples. They thrill and delight me. These are things I never dreamed I would say to another female (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    I love everything you do, but "Kindergarten" is especially dear to my heart.

  7. Those are really cool! I want to learn to do that too!

  8. What a great post and so true for MANY of us, me included! I was proud of the fact I bought an online tutorial that I did finish for a Christmas gift this year, while the Suzi Blu art workshop is still not delved into! It is SO true we need the stillness to actually have the creativity flow and then to see what we actually already have in our creative spaces. I suppose we're kind of like the version of the ancient cave man, they hunted for food and provisions, and we are constantly doing the same in our creative, crafty pursuits. we love the thrill of hunting for the "perfect" supplies to have on hand for when the creative mood hits, ha!
    I love your journal page too from your childhood years, fantastic! Suzie

  9. Robin, I LOVE your Whipples! I have sooooooo much stuff I need to organize & go through. Good Luck with the new computer. I HATE learning that kind of stuff but, love to get new stuff like that... A mixed blessing/curse.

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my bottle class I posted about. It was fun. HUGS!

  10. I just LOVE these, Robin! Your kindergarten pics look so cute Whippled and the photo of the two of you is beautiful!


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