20 January 2011

Natural History Art Journal

Here it is, my first ever art journal. I learned the basic structure and got a start in my class with Donna Layton. I worked on this during the Care and Keeping of Betty Jean last spring, finishing the final two-page spread recently. It is my story as a little girl. Going through my childhood home and memories really sparked this. It was lovely to go to these pages and work.

It will make no sense to you. It isn't supposed to.

It is about being born, coming home, God and church (not even remotely the same thing as it turned out) and growth.

I now am absolutely wild about journals.

I feel so happy to have learned these skills...

to have employed the techniques...

 and finally proud to say...

 "looky what I did!"


  1. I love it!! Is so about you and I actually get it all since I know you! It is absolutely amazing and I want Donna to do it again so I can learn too. It almost looks therapeutic! I miss you!

  2. Beautiful! Love the black and white photos against the colorful backgrounds!

  3. This is insanely gorgeous! I love all the details...the photos, the vintage wallpaper & ephemera, the painting & hand journaling! So, so, gorgeous! I know you and your daughter will covet this for many, many years to come! Simple beautiful Robin!

  4. I love it Robin! Gorgeous work!

    Isn't it great to learn a new way to express yourself artistically? It's my most favorite thing to learn!

  5. WOW, Robin. I need to say it again. WOW!!! I can't believe how gorgeous this is. Every single page is a complete work of art, worthy of being framed. But the fact that it is so personal and meaningful to you makes it even more special. Nice work, crafty girl!

  6. Robin,
    It is just beautiful. I am so proud of you. I am in Arizona and have no time to work on mine. I am counting the days until I can be home in my own space...at least that is my word for today. Even if it is fifteen below and there are four feet of snow!
    Love and hugs,

  7. I love your journal!! It is just beautiful and I know you are proud of it and yourself. It is a cool feeling to create something. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. I adore your first art journal! It's so colorful and you can see how much time and talent you poured into it! LOVE it! Suzie

  9. Robin, you inspire me! You motivate me!

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