17 October 2014

Italy 2014 Day Nine

Amicis: Michelle, me, Lea of NZ, Pam, Ingrid, Francesca, Amy, Alisa, Paige, Susan
 We leave behind Orvieto and our classmates.
We take the train to Florence and hope to feel better than we did the first pass through this lovely crowded city.
We didn't.
But we pushed forward and made plans and scaled walls...
Straight to the flea market.
Picked up some mail.
The always visible massive Duomo.
An art show in the Piazza SS Annunziata.
So much pottery, would love to have bought some.
It was a thrill to eat gelato and people watch.
The great Synagogue of Florence.
This was a hard stretch of the trip.
Alisa and I had bought been sick with coughs the duration and these final days challenged us most.
We were good travel companions. We are curious about the same things and need to the same amount of sleep and food. It was a lucky combination that began to fall apart, but we both knew that it was circumstances and not flaws in our relationship.  What a blessing to have that in a friend...
I needed a nap.
Alisa covered me in her shawl...
to be continued...


  1. Paige and Michelle, too? Fun! I hate being under the weather while traveling abroad. No bueno!

    1. I now, we figure out you guys knew each other. I just can't get away from all these Texas girls!!!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your trip. Sounds lovely & sorry you weren't feeling well. I was sick as a dog one day in Paris & missed showing my husband the Louvre. Closed when I finally felt better.
    What a trip you guys had though!

    1. I guess I just get sick when I travel. I will have to work around it anyway because I have to go back to Italy!

  3. I was exhausted by the time I got to London. Understandable. Orvieto was a great place..... the cable car thing....... very full and suffocating on way down for us! ha!

    1. The whole getting there was hard fro us. Travel days aren't me at my best, that is for sure. But worth it.


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