11 October 2014

Italy 2014 Day Three

13 hours. We slept thirteen hours.
The last time I traveled to Europe was 23 years ago.
My age has doubled in that time.
I knew I would need at least 24 hours of transition but it turns out I need far more.
Disappointment. We missed breakfast.
We only had time to shower, pack and check out.
We had to travel to our destination of Orvieto that day so we had only the briefest time for a bite and a walk to the flea market.
Quickly bought three things.
Disappointment. Wanted more time...
The next 7 hours was difficult. We missed a train.
The train station was overwhelming and not helpful.
 Our bags were far too large and heavy for train travel.
We arrived at our destination frustrated, tired, hungry and in the dark,
but then...


  1. Loved that hotel key! Europe has fun keys! Sorry you missed the train. We found that to be true when we were there and the train strike didn't help. But I know you eventually had fun!

    1. Traveling went very smoothly other than that for us, even still travel days are tough, huh?

  2. Yes, the train stations were confusing. We took a car and a driver from Rome to Orvieto to Florence.

    1. That was probably tricky as well? Those streets are NARROW!!

  3. And it's fun to see Debe commenting here, too! (Ahhhhhh the Silver Bella days!)

    1. I know Linda, I would love a Silver Bella reunion...


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