14 October 2014

Italy 2014 Day Six

Pam Garrison's book constructed in Italy.
This day was largely spent in the studio.
Binding the book and embellishing pages....
Painting a bag used to collect journal fodder.
Making a map of Orvieto in a little booklet. 
Pam's above...
Ingrid Petrini from Sweden was preparing love notes for her son's upcoming wedding.
Ingrid...sigh...fresh, funny, talented, lovely...
Completed books...
It began to rain late that day.
It was funny to discover the California girls were excited to hear thunder...
It set the mood for a trip down into Etruscan caves.
The Etruscan community lived in Orvieto and central Italy
hand digging caves in the 200-400 BC dates.
The Etruscans were largely absorbed by Roman Italians in time,
 leaving their highly efficient caves systems for us to get to know them.
In Orvieto if you own property, you also own and are responsible for the caves which you may find under your dwelling. This is one of 100s of caves mostly not available to the public.
The highlight of Pozzo della Cava is the well, 100 feet deep, with fresh water at its depth.
The caves were utilized and renovated in the middle ages.
The history of this city is layered most visibly in these underground labyrinths.
We laughed through dinner with young Francesca of Brooklyn living in LA. 
The many days of mucus production ended in straight up wheezing through dinner.
You can buy half bottles of wine in Italy.
So we did.
Photo courtesy of Alisa Noble
to be continued...


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